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Climbing Wall

The Climbing Wall is situated horizontally on the gym wall. It includes safety mats and a rock texture with footholds and obstacles. The Climbing Wall is intended to promote confidence and a sense of exploration within a safe environment and is a common part of the middle school/secondary school physical education experience.

Fitness is a lifetime program that, if begun early, will carry over into adult life. Blind and visually impaired students can quickly and safely learn to use the
Climbing Wall, avoiding the frustration associated with the use of other types of physical education equipment.

"The Climbing Wall allows our students to be challenged and successful all at the same time. Many different skills can be developed from climbing. They include but are not limited to social/emotional skills, cognitive skills and physical skills along with self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence. We have already seen a great deal of growth in the short amount of time the Climbing Wall has been in use. Once again, thanks very much for your support."

  -- Dale Robley, Physical Education Instructor

Climbing wall
MSAB climbing wall