Minnesota State Academy for the Blind Foundation

Empowering students to reach their full potential


We thank you from the bottom of our heart

Over the years, students, alumni, parents and teachers have offered testimonials regarding the important role that the Foundation has played in the lives of its stakeholders.


“My daughter, who is in college, left the Academy a competent young woman. I applaud the Foundation in striving to both create and improve educational opportunities for students who are visually impaired.  [ Parent ]


“The MSAB Foundation helped us get money so we could have the Wrestling and Cheerleading Tournament here. That was really cool to have all the other schools come here. I hope we can do it again.”  [ Student ]


“I really like this playground. All the stuff to hide in and under. I like to use the tire swing. We get the tire going so fast it is like being in a tornado. I like to use the digging thing. I like to pretend to dig for treasure.”  [ Student ]


“Please accept my thanks for the generous gift of assistive technology and equipment for the students at the Academy. It will be used and appreciated by all of us.”  [ Teacher ]


“Adaptive spoons for some of the students were acquired for their feeding needs. Having the right tools is important to meet the needs and challenges to help increase self-confidence and independence.”  [ Alumni ]